Summer Show Report

Summer Show visitors viewing exhibits, exploring online resources and giving feedback via a comments board

The Where Do You Think You Live? project displayed the wealth of material generated over the past 11 months since its launch in September 2010.

The exhibition was held at Oaklands College - launched with a Supporters' Day viewing on Tuesday 26th July 2011 before opening to the public for four days.

The Trust was delighted that over 400 visitors attended the show to hear excerpts from the oral histories, discover some of the House Detectives' research and to see archive and contemporary photographs that have been donated to the Trust's expanding digital archive on WGC.

Visitors were able to continue adding information to our material - dates, people, even street names that previously had not been identified - using colourful post-it notes beside the exhibits. A number of people were pleasantly surprised to come across photographs of themselves or recognised friends in class pictures! During the exhibition more material was brought along by visitors for the Trust to scan for its collection.

The project continues for another month with a surge to complete as many more of the Memories recordings as possible - if you are interested in volunteering to help capture these fascinating recollections of early life in the town please do get in touch. You can email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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