WGC Town Centre Fun Day 31st August

Friends get together in Guessens Road!

The Trust is taking part in the Town Centre Fun Day taking place on the Campus Roundabout on Saturday 31st August from noon until 4pm.

If you are in town that day do come along and say hello! We shall be doing our best to sign up new participants for our 'Where Do You Think We Worked?' project.

The photo above was donated to the Trust's archive by Geoff Lyles & his sister Hilary Davison - it shows their father Cedric aged 3-4yrs (seated front right) & friends in the back garden of parents Grace & Leonard George Lyles' home in Guessens Road and is dated 1926-1928. Leonard George Lyles (known as George) was born in 1899 and worked for Welwyn Builders, probably beginning some time close to when WGC was first being constructed around 1920 and continued working for the company when it became Headway Construction.

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