Forthcoming Event in Howard Centre 28 September 2019

The WGC Centenary Foundation are hosting a big event in the Howard Centre from 9am - 5pm on 28th September and Welwyn Garden City Heritage Trust has been asked to take part. There will be a series of sports demonstrations plus music, dance, theatre and related activities being performed by various local and specialist groups throughout the day. The Trust’s display stand will be on the ground floor near the entrance to M&S. We will need volunteers to help us and support the Centenary Foundation so if you are able to help for an hour or two (or more!) please get in touch by emailing:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This photograph of the Cherry Tree Restaurant is from Forty-One Pictures of Welwyn Garden City - published in 1923.


4th September 2018 - Louis de Soissons talk

‘Keeping Up Appearances - Louis de Soissons, his life, his work, and his legacy’.

WGC Heritage Trust is hosting local resident Geoffrey Hollis's talk on the man who designed WGC. “I have consulted his family, trawled through archives online and in libraries, visited many of his sites, and discovered that I know well a great niece of Louis. As a result I will be showing previously unseen pictures of his family, and presenting new information which may lead to a complete re-evaluation of his life.”

An must for anyone living in WGC, with a love of architecture and design or both! An open discussion is planned after the talk so that anyone can add their knowledge or recollections of Louis de Soissons to the mix. Pictures, plans or any other relevant material is welcome.

The Focolare Centre for Unity, 69 Parkway, WGC, AL8 6JG.

Doors open 6:30 for 7pm start on Tuesday 4th September 2018.

Tickets priced at £3 available by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (or click here to contact us via the website) or call 07580 197160.


Ebenezer Howard memorial lecture in Letchworth

On Tue 1 May at 7.30pm Letchworth Heritage Group presents the Ebenezer Howard Memorial Lecture. Ebenezer Howard's ideas from over a hundred years ago brought up-to-date. The lecture “A 21st Century Renaissance?”, by globally recognised garden city enthusiast - Lord Taylor of Goss Moor, will be in the Spirella Ballroom, Letchworth SG6 4ET, with music provided by the Garden City Band. Tickets £7.00 are available from David's Bookshop and Letchworth Tourist Information Centre.


WGC Heritage Trust Digital Town Trail

You can now follow WGC's Heritage Town Trail using just your smartphone (or Internet Connected Tablet).  

There's no need for maps or guides just scan our QR Codes with your phone and you'll see the history of that location and information on how to get to the next location.  It's that simple.

You actually can start anywhere you can spot a QR code cool, but most people will start at Number 1 which is located just outside the Howard Centre. It's on your left as you exit the Howard Centre's main entrance on a lampost in the grassy area (look for a plaque similar to the one pictured above).  Full information on how to get started is on the plaque, or read on for full details...

The system, developed by the Welwyn Garden City Heritage Trust, uses well tried existing technology in a completely new way. Users with smart phones will now have access to the Trust’s Town Centre Trail simply by scanning the QR codes on specially designed signs mounted on lamp posts. The system has been designed to work with iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Amazon Kindle mobiles and Internet enabled tablets. To scan the QR codes the system uses any one of a number of freely downloadable apps that will read the code on each sign and immediately link the phone to the Trust’s Towntrail website ( As each sign has a unique code you will be connected directly to information about the history of that location.

To ensure you get immediate access each QR sign provides a link for obtaining a suitable QR Code Reader. Simply by typing (written on each sign) into the browser of your phone a list of apps that we have checked work will be displayed. Download your choice of app from the list and you can start using the Trail immediately. As far as research by the Trust has shown the system is not in use anywhere else in the UK and so gives Welwyn Garden City a ‘Digital First’.

In the future the Trust plans to offer sound and video in addition to the already provided text and photos to enrich your experience. A similar system will be installed in Peartree as soon as possible given how important that area was and still is to the town.


A rare addition to the Trust's archive

This rare 1919 plan, labelled as "the portions of the Panshanger Estate situate adjoining the villages of Stanborough, Lemsfordmills and Digswell Water. Lots 1 to 25. The sale by auction by Messrs Daniel Smith, Oakley & Garrard", was brought along to the 'Where Do You Think We Played?' exhibition and temporarily loaned for scanning.


'Play' in Sainsbury's!

Our current 'Where Do You Think We Played?' project is coming to an end soon. Sainsbury's in WGC has kindly offered us use of one of its upstairs units in which to display a selection of the material - memories, photos, etc. - gathered during our project. The exhibition will run from 4-10 February. Opening 10am - 4pm Mon - Sat, 10am - 6pm Wed and 12 - 4pm Sunday and we hope that you will find the time to pay us a visit!


Miss Mabel Dymond Peel

The Trust has been contacted by a researcher on military intelligence in the first world war regarding Mabel Dymond Peel, who lived in WGC just before/at the time of her death.

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